Do it Afraid

Do IT Afraid

20″ x 16”canvas reproduction $85

I have absolutely no idea what I am doing from day to day. Not in the sense of knowing that I have to wake up, prepare for the work day, complete my work tasks head home and attempt some form of relationship with my friends and family. Although, I barely have that down to a science it’s pretty much on auto-pilot and functions with a few tweaks here and there, so let’s not frazzle that. I’ve attempted a few life careers. I’ve dabbled in a few hearts desire that for the time satiated my appetite. I sashed into different industries and found myself becoming a real life “Jack of All Trades” but never have I consistently lived life fully. Fully in the sense of no holds bars no fear, and full steam ahead.

I found myself, asking myself, “Self”, what is holding you back from being great…for you? What is holding you back from being amazing? What is causing you to shrink back every time a dream manifests? If I can be totally honest, it was me. “ME” was causing self to to be unfulfilled. I was allowing fear of the unknown, fear of loss and fear of failure to abort ANY attempt to move forward with any passion. Somewhere down the road I traded my vision to live an impactful life and change generational classes for complacency and comfort. The short term reward of food and shelter paralyzed me and crippled me into believing that chasing my dreams only result would be lack and hunger. I had no Haratio Alger story to model after and provide a sense of possibility for me. That realization was enough for me to set out to obtain what I thought couldn’t be done. It fuels me enough to fumble through and figure it out and do the part that I know how to do until someone comes and shows me the next step. Whatever it is you are on the fence about, go for it. Wanna buy the house or land as a single mom? Do it. Wanna travel but you have no one to go with? Go alone. Desiring to start your own (insert your vision here)? What’s stopping you? You’ll obtain the tools needed to succeeded and the only thing you need is to make the first step. If you are ready to get off of the step that you are currently occupying, research the next step and set that as your next goal and DO IT!